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百英生物子品牌 Abinvivo,以研究动物模型体内抗体为目标,提供大量的高质量的目录产品,并经过纯度及内毒素验证:Target Positive Antibody, Isotype Negative Antibody, Anti-Mouse Antibody, and Fusion Proteins

Target Positive Antibody

Anti-Human Monoclonal Antibodies targeting popular drug targets such as PD-1, CTLA4, HER2, HER3, 4-1BB, and many more are available to order. We also provide Anti-Human Bispecific Antibodies to assist in your research.

Biological drug research is aided by antibodies that target specific biological components. Our products stand out with >95% purity, ultra-low endotoxins levels, and they are free from preservatives, stabilizers, and carrier proteins.

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Isotype Negative Antibody

We offer the most comprehensive anti-HEL (Hen Egg Lysozyme) IgG Isotype Controls and Fc-engineered mutations. Our isotype controls include human, mouse, and rat IgGs, as well as ScFv, and popular VHH formats.

Appropriate isotype controls are required to demonstrate the binding specificity of your antibody to the target antigen, or your fusion protein to a specific target site. This allows for the exclusion of nonspecific background effects or binding signals.

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Anti-Mouse Antibody

Abinvivo provides research-grade in vivo reagents for mice to accelerate your research needs. Our Anti-Mouse Antibodies are designed for your research convenience, with targets of CTLA4, PD-1, and PD-L1.

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Dilution Buffer

Dilution buffers of pH 5.0, 7.4, and 8.0 are available. We offer dilution buffers at 1x concentration levels, 0.2 μM filtered sterility, 0.1 EU/ml endotoxin levels, and packed in 50mL volumes.

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